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About The School

First Years Preschool is a school located in Villa Elizabetha, Lusaka. We offer a high standard of preschool education to children aged 2-5 years old to ensure correct preparation for Grade 1. We have highly qualified, dedicated and experienced staff and the school follows the Montessori method interwoven in line with the U.K. based curriculum (EYFS). 

Mission Statement

To be a professional, one of a kind, unique educating Team who support and communicate well with each other bringing innovation to children’s learning and teaching. Implementing a dynamic and relevant curriculum that addresses the changing needs of society and encourages a sense of responsibility.

Our aim is to provide a stimulating, safe and happy environment which equips children with skills for life, freedom of expression and the confidence to tackle new experiences positively. First Years Preschool aims to be the leader in high quality, progressive childcare and education. We believe in giving children limitless opportunities to learn through imagination, creativity and play, while offering parents the peace of mind that comes from knowing your children are receiving care of the highest standard in a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.

Our Values

  • Love
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Team spirit
  • Professionalism

We want our children to have a positive, happy and memorable Early Childhood experience. To become confident, independent capable learners with a good foundation to build all aspects of later learning.

  • Safe, caring and simulating environment.
  • Vibrant and fun classrooms and facilities.
  • Qualified, dedicated and experienced staff.
  • First years is built upon our passion for excellence and innovation in Preschool education.
  • First years Preschool however cultivates part of the authentic Montessori method interwoven in line with the U.K based Curriculum Early Years Foundation Stage Framework (EYFS) and Zambian curriculum. These elements are primarily giving priority to a child’s natural psychological, social and physical development and respecting a child’s potential. This will ensure the learning experiences we provide are stimulating, creative, challenging, varied, interesting and fun.
  • Fantastic outdoor area providing stimulating learning experiences.
  • Our programmes support the children’s personal, social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth.
  • Learning through play with self-initiated and teacher directed activities in small and large groups. Children learn through experimentation, inquiry and exploration by actively discovering concepts at their own pace.
  • Computers, Expressive Art, Music and Physical Education classes.
  • The school has a Computer Lab where children are exposed to the growing trends of technology and receive the best hands on skills in a wide variety of educational programmes.
  • Discovery, problem-solving, creativity and critical thinking developed.
  • In our School, every child is important regardless of colour, race or creed. There are equal opportunities for all pupils to develop to their full potential.
  • A good education must have a basis of good early teaching. If your child starts from First Years Preschool, he or she will have a firm foundation on which to build for the future.
  • We believe that the most important thing we do at First Years Preschool is to develop children’s self-confidence, both socially and educationally. By providing a happy atmosphere and varied timetable, children enjoy their first experience of school. Making their day “fun” gives them enthusiasm for learning from which they will benefit both at First Years Preschool and the future.
  • The strength of our teaching is the foundation upon which we build your child’s educational development, social skills and all-round confidence.
  • We respect cultural differences and similarities and gender equality.
  • Our aim is to present programmes and suggest methods through which the children learn to solve problems, play co-operatively, develop 
    self-confidence, independence and have fun.

Our Teachers

Our Teachers are selected for their understanding and expertise in early learning. All teachers are well qualified and experienced in educating young children.

How We Do It

  • Establish clear and precise limits of behaviour.
  • Be patient and respectful when trying to get a child’s attention.
  • Encourage children to make amends and rebuild friendships.
  • Focus on behaviour, keeping in mind each individual’s personality.
  • Help children develop problem solving and conflict resolution skills.
  • Acknowledge individual emotions and set age and personality appropriate limits.
  • Help children to use words to express needs and emotions.